Muslim Community North Dublin buying the current building of Mussalla, The asking price of the unit is €370,000.
Please help us as much as you can.

Board of Directors is thankful to the brothers and sisters who had donated around 120,000 euro within last Six days. Allah grant them great reward in this Dunya and in Aakhirah. We request every brothers and sisters who wish to contribute their share in this purchase of Mussala so that they and their children can benefit. Allah will reward you, your parents and your generations. Inshallah. just another 30,000 required. Jazakallah khair.

Generally speaking, it was a historic moment and great day for MCND.

Options to donate:

  • Donations can be lodged directly in bank account
    Muslim Community North Dublin
    Mosque Project account details :
    Bank of Ireland
    Account Number : 25895525
    Sort Code: 90-04-20
    IBAN: IE61 BOFI900420 25895525
  • GoFundme :
  •  Sumup machines on local Asian shops in Coolmine industrial estate and Ongar Dublib 15
  •  On website by using PayPal
  • Cash box at Musala

Any query please contact me or any directors of MCND

MCND Registered Charity Number (RCN) 20067168 / Revenue Charity Number CHY17842